Today, I saw

By Jayshri Patel

While I was walking around a squatter village today, I let my eyes do the work. The buildings in this village were primarily of wood and scrap metal nailed together into homes. Some homes were bigger than others, some were painted, some had celebratory New Year’s signs hanging from the doorway, some had no door. Either way, it seemed they inhabited a friendly people. The children were shy but smiled, waved, even posed. The men and women acknowledged our presence but were busy in their lives, or were reserved I cannot tell, albeit one woman who shared her home, her children, and her lifestyle with us.  The dirt roads were dotted with puddled potholes and were flanked by ditches of mainly discarded plastic bags. There was a boy methodically pumping water, a man swinging in a hammock under the shade of a stilted house, a baby slumbering on the floor under a fan, women casually chopping vegetables and fish amid the flies, cows lazily grazing in unkempt fields. Granted there was much to inquire, but for me, at that moment, there was much more to see first. Yes, my eyes needed to adjust, for what you see revitalizes what you read and hear. And now that my eyes have glimpsed at what is out there, be it only a fraction, I look forward to what will engage my other senses.


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  1. AnuFoi on

    wow … sounds a bit like life in India minus the fish. I can imagine it being a peaceful place amongst the daily hussle and bussle of their lives.

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