Amongst the ruins, spirits escape

By Frances Micklow

The once grand pieces of Ta Prohm lie scattered about the dusty ground like piles of a child’s building blocks left neglected. The blue sky provides stark contrast to the lichen covered and whether worn towers and dilapidated corridors. Tourist meander about in the same slow, snake-like way the tree roots have settled amongst the awe-inspiring structure.

Inside one of the towers still structurally sound enough to enter, my tour guide, Sina, instructed me to put my back against the left wall and pound my chest with my fist.

I took off my hat to take full advantage of the cool air and shade of the tower room. I placed my back against the smooth, cool stone of the chamber. I hit my chest. A loud and hollow series of booms resounded throughout my entire body and the entire chamber. It was the type of sound that can be both heard and felt.

The echo was the sound and feeling of the evil spirits leaving my body. “You beat out the evil spirits and bring happiness home,” Sena said.

And happiness is the sweetest souvenir I could bring home.


2 comments so far

  1. Bram Micklow on

    This one really touched me, I can’t wait for your happiness to return home.

  2. Bram Micklow on

    Me too, but be careful to re-read Sina or Sena (spelling SPED kid), Love ya

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