Miscommunication over nations

By Cindy J. Austin

Through a series of events I landed myself in the back of a tuk tuk in a conversation with the driver.

Though his English was broken, we didn’t converse about the weather or our days, our families or schooling. We talked about democracy.

We discussed the government of Cambodia versus the government of America. We discussed people’s rights. And we discussed problem solving in our respective governments. The misconceptions were hard to ignore, however, when parts of the conversations went something like this:

“In Cambodir we has ze people with ze problem. Zeeee prezident. He don’t lizen to ze people. In Amadica, you have ze problem and ze president, he fix the problem,” the driver said.

“Not always. We elect representatives who vote for most stuff FOR the people, but it’s impossible to make every person happy,” I say.

“No. That is not how it iz in Amadica.”

And with that, I am defeated.


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