Angels from abroad

by Cindy Austin

Walking from pavillion to pavillion at the Chres school and orphanage I couldn’t help but notice the painted sides of the buildings. “Wash your hands before every meal,” one said. “Brush your teeth everyday.” The Australian English teacher told us that she’s focusing on health with her class of 12-18 year olds.

“They need to drink more water because they’re always dehydrated,” she said. “I make them drink a whole liter of water before they can leave my class.”

I then thought about the hundreds of wells I’d seen dug around every area of Cambodia we’ve covered, all with white signs describing who donated the money for them or what organization took the time to dig them.

The influence that NGO’s and volunteerism is very prominent here. We’ve met numerous people who have spent months of their lives coming from abroad to teach English to Cambodians. We’ve seen the wells and met couples like the Ross’s who saw a problem and chose to fix it.

It’s going to be harder to ignore the “support a child of 18 cents a day” commercials after seeing what a difference those cents can make.


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  1. Smith Cam on

    H.E. Dr. Thong Khon, Minister of Tourism, has officially declared the usage of the Documents on “Promoting Child Safe Tourism Policies to Prevent Trafficking in Children and Women for Labour and Sexual Exploitation.”

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